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Rex Flowers - Bass and Guitars
Jonas Yip - Bass and Guitars
Mark Estberg - Drums
Glen Hirshberg - Piano, Keyboards, Vocals

Garage band: You know what this means. You know what this sounds like. Momzer doesn't sound like that. But they've been playing in each other's garages, and each other's parents' garages, and some garages they rented, and a couple basements of people they barely even knew, and some living rooms when spouses and upstairs neighbors were insanely understanding and no garages were available, for 20 years. So. Momzer is a garage band.

Indie band: You know what this means. You probably have your own idea of what indie bands sound like. Momzer doesn't sound like that. Or, sometimes they do, a little. It's been a running joke with the band's family and friends for all this time. Mark spent his non-Momzer formative time in a dance/party band, Rex is a Portland punk scene vet, Jonas likes synth pop and Glen likes everything but most of all guitar bands. So all of them draw ideas from each other and sometimes even try to sound like some of the people they listen to and still wind up sounding like Momzer. Around 1990, they all decided they didn't want to be rock stars. Fifteen years later, they're still springing music on anyone who'll listen. 'Cause they love it a lot. So. Momzer is an indie band.

Momzer have been building tunes and taking them apart and surprising each other and catching unsuspecting listeners and even some people who don't know them off-guard for a long time, now. There are blues elements and folk elements and a wild range of pop elements running through their music. They sing about escaping and staying put, parenting and stealing, soured friendships and stupid politics and good books.

They might surprise you, too.

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