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mean bed
what the hell are they trying to accomplish?

Mean Bed is much more than a record label. Perhaps it is best described as a creative collective built upon endless permutations of collaborative efforts. While music is most often the end-product, the Mean Bed crew spews out movies, videos, fine art, writing, photography, package design... usually mixing and melding the disciplines as appropriate. Why? Because it's fun.

a selected discography of mean bed records
This list will grow as we find time to revisit the old catalog.

002 shades of gray two landscapes by train
004 the underground inside this frame ep
009 the imaginary men eating the snow
013 pudgy catwahdoo she's sexy, she's 17, and she's stupid
018 the imaginary men empty days
026 the plant rendering guys skateboard kids
029 the exploding boys traveling songs
032 divine ripe tomatoes last of the dogs
035 the exploding boys killer
038 tedium police ugly baby
042 mean bed sampler slimy feet for gary
058 fin the galleon mar
079 momzer the american playground
080 momzer goodnight henry ep
081 momzer bobbleheads
085 eric hirshberg wish i was here
087 momzer goodnight nobody

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